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Whether the court had the jurisdiction to consider the grievances of prisoners?

What parts of Articles 14, 19 and 21 are guaranteed to a prisoner?

What judicial remedies can be granted to prevent and punish the breach of the rights prisoners are entitled to?

What amendments and changes were required in the Prison Act of 1984 to avoid a breach of the Fundamental Rights of prisoners.


The Supreme Court referred to Articles 32 and 226 of the Constitution of India that grant it the power to intervene and restore the Fundamental Rights of prisoners.

A prisoner still possesses the right to life and liberty and their freedom can only be constrained when there is a clear backing of the law.

Section 56 of the Prison Act is in violation of basic human dignity, thus, it must be trimmed and controlled by the court.

Prisoners must be protected from cruel and unjust punishment, and they must be afforded a minimum standard of living.

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