Trace Your Case

Privacy Policy

At Trace your Case, we take your privacy and your trust in us very seriously. This policy deals with the sharing of personal information with the website. The user adheres to and accepts the policy once the user starts using the website. If a user does not agree with the policy, they must refrain from using the website. 

1. About this Policy:

The policy applies when you visit the website and provide us with information that is personal to you. We do not share this information without explicit permission from the users. 

2. Information that we collect from users:

The type of information collected by users is limited to when the user wants to contact us or for any subscriptions or payments in the future. 

The website asks for information such as:

Contact Details- Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Postal Address

Payment Information such as credit/debit card number.  

The website also collects certain technical information which it does not ask the user directly but gets stored with the website. This information includes; IP address, browser type, browser language, version and identification number of the App and device, the date and time of the User’s request, User’s profiles, websites visited by the User, search terms used, User’s mobile carrier and location data. Certain type of information is also stored when you interact with the website. Any other information that a user makes public by sharing is also stored by the website. 

3. How we use your information:

The information provided by the users is used in different ways so as to communicate with the user and the personally identifiable information will no longer be treated as sensitive. The information is used to notify the user of the services that we provide and to inform of any changes or additions to the website. The information is also used to provide survey forms to be filled by the users. In order to process information for a request to download or subscription, the information a user provides is used. The website also delivers targetted advertisements and promotional messages to users. If a user does not wish to share sensitive information, the website will not be able to provide the services undertaken to notify users about the new updates and changes. The website cannot be held liable for the lack of services provided to the user.

4. Information sharing:

The information collected by us will not be shared or disclosed with any unauthorized party unless:

  • The parties or vendors work with the website and the information is necessary for their work such as advertisements, customer service, or processing payments. 

  • For the advertisements, the advertisers need to study their audience and their needs and so the information sharing becomes necessary. 

  • To prevent identity theft, fraud other potentially illegal acts to prevent the abuse of the services provided by the website.

  • The information has been requested by law or a government body for the purpose of verification of identity, preventing cyber incidents, or for punishment for offenses. Such disclosures are made in good faith for the purpose of complying with laws and regulations. 

5. Security of Information:

We undertake technical and reasonable security measures so as to protect the information provided by the users from any unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft. However, as reliable as the security systems are, it is not impenetrable. The website cannot guarantee the absolute protection of information. The use of computer hacking and theft can make the information available in the hands of hackers. In such situations, the website will try to rectify the problems at the earliest. 

6. Changes: 

The website may alter/make changes to its Policy from time to time so as to incorporate changes in technology or law and will do it in its sole discretion without any notification. The changes will be in effect immediately after made public. The users are requested to visit and read the policy periodically and the website will also make attempts to inform of the changes via email. 

7. Contact:

For any queries, questions, comments or suggestions with respect to the Privacy Policy of the Website please contact us at