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Whether the Parliament is legally limited from making laws on extra-territorial features or causes that have no direct or indirect, physical or intangible impact on any area of India, Indians' interests, welfare, well-being, and security?

Can the Parliament have the power to legislate "for" a region other than India or a part of it?


The Parliament of India has the authority to legislate on matters that extend beyond India's borders so long as there is some connection to the country. The Parliament's authority to legislate under Clause (1) of Article 245 of the Constitution of India may not extend to extraterritorial characteristics or causes that have no bearing on or connection to India.

Article 51 of the Constitution of India affirms India's commitment to preserving "just and honourable relations" by encouraging adherence to the treaty and international responsibilities. It is one thing to state that Parliament may pass legislation about extraterritorial issues or causes since they affect or have a connection to India.

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